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Our Place

We just love sweets!

A crazy New Years Resolution back in 2019 to start a new business and Sweet Delivery was born. The idea grew driven by Instagram and then through word of mouth from satisfied customers. The door to door late night Sweet Delivery service the perfect solution for those staying in at the weekend.

The dream was always to get bigger and better than the competition but struggled to find the solution ...       Now with new fresh ideas we're back with a bang! New products, new packaging and a new way of delivering Sweet Delivery to your home reaching the whole of the UK by Postage service.


Our Little Factory

Please enjoy our new exciting treats!

Sweet Delivery will continue to deliver high quality products ensuring sweets and packaging are handled with great care and cleanliness to prevent contamination. None of this would've been possible without the support of our lovely customers, Sweet Delivery highly appreciates your support and are extremely happy to be back for good...